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NOVA's Vaccines - Calling the Shots

Diseases that were largely eradicated in the United States a generation ago-whooping cough, measles, mumps-are returning, in part because nervous parents are skipping their children's shots. NOVA's "Vaccines-Calling the Shots" takes viewers around the world to track epidemics, explore the science behind vaccinations, hear from parents wrestling with vaccine-related questions, and shed light on the risks of opting out.

Examine the science behind vaccinations, the return of preventable diseases, and the risks of opting out. If you missed the September 10th airing, you can still catch it on their website.

Dr. Offit appears on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Samantha Bee recently did a feature about people who choose not to vaccinate, and Dr. Offit was featured as the expert.

TED Talk on Immunization


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Immunize Ohio

Dr. Paul Offit on the Stephen Colbert Show April 2014

10th Statewide Immunization Conference

Keeping your vaccines, your community and your bottom line healthy…It’s all about education.

Donna Weaver, RN, MSN, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Donna Weaver, RN, MSN, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ohio's 10th Statewide Immunization Conference drew more than 200 healthcare professionals to Cleveland on Friday, October 18, 2013. The day-long conference, hosted by, provided current education on; the revised CDC vaccine storage and handling guidelines, CPT coding, reimbursement and vaccine policy in the affordable care act, expanded Tdap and Influenza vaccination in pregnant women, and increasing vaccination rates in adolescents and adults. Additionally, the Ohio Department of Health presented their 2013 AFIX Award winners for Immunization Coverage Excellence and Immunization Coverage Improvement. The conference provided category one CME credits through Wright State University, Boonshoft School of Medicine and ONA approved CNE credits.

Cindy Modie, Director of, welcomed attendees from across Ohio and Pennsylvania followed by Dr. Judith Romano, MD, FAAP, President of the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Dr. Romano noted that Ohio is the only state in the nation that does not have immunization requirements for attendance in child care or preschool. Legislation is expected in the near future to correct this oversight and to provide the strength daycare and preschool operators need to mandate up to date immunizations of enrollees.

Presentations included:

Donna Weaver, RN, MSN, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a favorite presenter at immunization conferences with her real life stories of the calls the she receives from providers concerning errors made in the storage of vaccines.  The administration of vaccines that have not been handled and stored in a manner that maintains the correct cold chain results in unintentional, yet unethical administration of possibly useless vaccine. Donna also reviewed the steps for emergency vaccine retrieval and back-up storage. A CDC training tool: - includes a module on the correct storage and handling of vaccines that was revised spring 2013.

Christopher Rizzo, MD, Past President, Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics presented on CPT coding and reimbursement. Dr. Rizzo spoke on the importance of proper immunization coding to allow for maximum reimbursement. A review of CPT immunization codes included vaccine - based administration CPT codes vs. component based administration codes was presented within scenarios. The definition of “other qualified health care professional” prompted a discussion on who can bill for counseling among conference attendees.

Danny Hurley, Lobbyist Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics presented on Vaccine Policy and the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Hurley spoke on key themes in the ACA, grandfathered plans and essential health benefits. Recommendations of the USPSTF and ACIP were discussed. Discussion surrounding primary care rate increases was countered by local health departments in the audience as they are viewed as out of network view with some insurance carriers. Local health departments stated that they are viewed as a safety net for clients and should not be penalized by insurance companies that have not contracted with health departments in the past. This remains a challenge in the present immunization policy.

Sherman Alter, MD, Director, Division of Infectious Disease, The Children's Medical Center of Dayton, spoke on the current epidemiology of pertussis in children , adolescents and adults and the rationale of vaccinating pregnant women with tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis and the influenza vaccine during pregnancy. Dr. Alter’s presentation included classification of B. Pertussis first cases and source cases by relationship of infant, annual incidence and hospitalization rates of infants. A discussion followed on the current pertussis vaccine composition and the number of cases in relation to vaccination with whole cell pertussis vaccine. The effectiveness of the influenza vaccine and Tdap vaccine on the pregnant woman, newborn and infant was also presented.

Dennis Cunningham, MD, Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Nationwide Children's Hospital, presented on strategies to encourage vaccination in teens and adults and quadrivalent influenza vaccine and healthcare worker indications. Dr. Cunningham advocated for practicing what we preach. How many healthcare workers in the audience have received their flu shot? How many hospitals allow unvaccinated health care workers to work? Strategies to increase vaccination of adolescents included sport physicals, urgent care visits, emergency room visits, schools and the use of standing orders. The use of technology such as “best practice alerts” for electronic charts, social media for outreach and education and the use and participation in vaccine registries were all discussed as ways to increase vaccination rates.


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