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Current CDC News

Children need most of their shots before they are two years old. With the changes in the shot schedule, many parents find it difficult to remember when shots are due.

To view the latest shot schedule, click on the link below:


Vaccine Information You Need

The Immunization Action Coalition has completed a major transformation of their website for the public,, making it one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly sources of scientifically accurate and easily navigable immunization information on the Web today. Visitors to the website can now easily find what they need, whether they are looking for information on a particular vaccine or on vaccines needed by a particular age group, personal stories or video clips, or other resources, such as those from CDC and state health departments. Titled “Vaccine Information You Need,” the website offers parents, other adults, legislators, the media, and all interested Web users a one-stop shop for learning about vaccines and their importance.

Information on the website is organized into sections based on the four age groups listed below. This arrangement allows visitors to easily find vaccine schedules and other information pertinent to people of a specific age:

Highlights of

  • Vaccines You Need: Detailed information about the immunization schedules, arranged by age group—infants and childrenpreteensteens, and adults
  • Personal Testimonies: Stories of suffering and loss from vaccine-preventable diseases, organized by age group and disease
  • Video Library: Searchable collection of videos and public service announcements about vaccine-preventable diseases and the importance of vaccination
  • Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Information and resources for all vaccine-preventable diseases, including those associated with international travel
  • Vaccine Basics: Basic and helpful information on vaccines and vaccination, ranging from “Paying for Vaccines” to “How Vaccines Work”
  • Resources: Frequently updated listing of helpful resources, including brochures, blogs, videos, and more, for people in all age groups who seek information about vaccines


New Resource from Every Child By Two Available for Co-branding  

In honor of National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM), which begins today August 1st, Every Child By Two is happy to officially launch a new educational resource for families.

Designed to be online and interactive, the Vaccine-Preventable Diseases eBook includes important information on childhood diseases and the vaccines used to prevent them. The book may also be downloaded, printed and distributed - either as a whole or as individual disease pages.

Please help promote the availability of this new online resource to both healthcare providers and the public by sharing the link to the Vaccine-Preventable Diseases eBook


Web Sites We Like

Many thanks to Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, Professor of Law at the UC Hastings College of the Law, for putting together this list of articles about law and vaccines, so if anyone wants to find them, they can find them in one place. It's sorted by categories, and it's just links to the wonderful blogs that agreed to host these articles.

Quick Links to Popular Resources

IAC recently updated its quick links reference card that lists the shortened URLs (quick links) for some of its most popular web sections.